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For your convenience, our most common customer questions are answered right here. Not finding what you want? Reach out directly through our Contact Us page.
Q: Will you provide references I can speak with directly?
Q: Can we meet first so I can be sure my pet will like you?
Yes. In fact, we insist on it, and the meeting is free. At that time, we’ll learn about your pets, fill out paperwork, take notes about your home and required tasks, and collect keys from you.
Q: What if something happens to you? Do you have a backup plan?
Yes, we create a backup plan for every client. Trica has a network of trusted pet sitters whom she can call on for help if something happens to her. These are people she knows and trusts. She will also obtain the name of a neighbor or nearby friend who has a key to your house and can step in if weather or a natural disaster should prevent her from getting to your home. And lastly, Trica will have your vet’s phone numbers and address and will map out the office and nearby emergency clinics.
Q: How much do you charge?

One visit/day:         $17.00 (1–3 pets)         $18.00 (4 or more pets)

Two visits/day:       $32.00 (1–3 pets)         $34.00 (4 or more pets)

Three visits/day:    $48.00 (1–3 pets)         $51.00 (4 or more pets)

Each visit is approximately 30 minutes and includes feeding and watering, administering medications, a dog walk, litter box cleaning, and of course lots of love! Longer visits are also available for slightly higher fees.

Dog walks & potty breaks (10:00am–3pm)

30-minute walk:    $17.00/per walk

60-minute walk:    $25.00/per walk

Overnight stays in smoke-free homes (approx. 7:30pm––7:30am)

Flexible fee structure starting at $48/night.

One week or longer care:
Package pricing is available for care lasting one week or more.

Q: Do you use a contract?
Yes, we provide a written service contract spelling out our services and fees.
Q: Do you sit for pets with special needs?

We’re capable of tending to many special needs and will gladly do so. But if your pet’s needs exceed our experience, we will certainly inform you of that. We would never risk your pet’s health and well being.

Q: What will you do if my pet gets sick or has an accident?

We will contact you immediately if your pet needs veterinary or special care and then follow your directions. Should you be unavailable, we will take every measure needed to ensure your pet receives proper care. This will all be discussed clearly in our initial consult.

Q: Can I call and check in with you?

We send regular updates on how your pet is doing, usually by text messaging. But you can contact us anytime by text, email, or phone.

Lucky Paws provides premium pet sitting and home services to pet owners in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Our goal is to provide the reliable and loving pet care that gives you peace of mind while you’re away. We do whatever it takes to keep your pets happy, healthy, and safe. Our services let you choose between daily visits or live-in companionship. And with our top-notch home services, you can even have dinner waiting upon your return.